Our team Alfredo Hair care solutions

I‘m Jennifer
Joined the Team Alfredo 1983. Where I been providing my Clientele hair service on full time Basis!  You can Now Find me in the salon Every Tuesday!

Kelly- Receptionist-

I’m Kelly
Hi, I am Kelly, My role in the salon is a Reception / Company Secretary. From Welcoming Our Customer Through our Door to Company admin, the interaction with Our Clientele is the part I love the most. I got to know you all for the past 22 year and looking forward to see you all soon

Alfredo M.D.

Our   concept of hairdressing is  a foundation of  hair care combined with chemistry and geometric shapes. To produce shapes that work not just with client(suitability to face) but geometrically with body shape! Our Clients are the center of our concept, we will discuss their needs, life style and changes before we will  advise on hair style and hai care products. We feel Honoured to be entrusted by our Clients loyalty and support
Established  1981                                                                                                                                                                     

Jule -Director -

 I’m Julie

My Role in the company as a Director, besides providing a hair service to my extensive regular Clientele, I take charge of the salon personnel.

My Role is my “happy place”!

I’m Megan
My love of learning about hair has pushed me to get my best out every service I provide, which has tuned my job in to something that truly has exceeded my expectations! Being able to work at Alfredo with some of the most amazing clientele has given me the best opportunity to gain confidence as a stylist, constantly pushing my boundaries and aspiration to success. I can’t wait to meet you in the chair.

Megan Antonietta

I’m Antonietta
Joined the team Alfredo at the age of 15 years old fed my passion to discover the endless possibility of what I could I could achieve by styling the hair 16 years later.
I am at the Happiest when working with
hair and make clients feel great about them self!

I’m Lynda
Joined the Team Alfredo in 1983! Before That I worked with Alfredo as A Manager's In Attilio Coiffure Salon In Belle Vue Way. After a short break with having Children I rejoined Alfredo where you now can find me every Saturday Morning.

Ready to meet us  in person?

I'm Saghar .
I'm trainee stylist at Alfredo salon. I'm super excited to join the Alfredo 's team as I feel like it will help me grow creatively,inspire me and further my career within the hair industry. I look forward to meeting you all and making you look and feel stunning.

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