Shampoo 250ml: Leaves hair soft and shiny, anti-hair loss treatment.

 How to use: Spread over wet hair and scalp, massage and rinse.

Activator 7ml: For women with fragile hair, stimulates re-growth of hair.

 How to use: Apply half a vial onto dry or well towel-dried scalp a least 3 times a week.  Massage in circle movements until fully absorbed. Do not rinse.



Shampoo 250ml: Anti-hair loss treatment for men.  Leaves hair pH balanced and with body.

 Activator 7ml: For men with fragile hair, stimulates re-growth of hair.


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 Reinforcing Reinforcing Reinforcing:

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Shampoo 250ml: Soothing pH shampoo for sensitive skin. Leaves scalp free of impurities and hydrate

 Serum 100ml: Sensitive scalp treatment that soothes and calms scalp.  Stimulates cell regeneration to heal scalp.


Distress Reinforcing Reinforcing:


Shampoo 250ml: For all hair types.  Removes oil from scalp, soothes itching and redness.Leaves hair soft, lightweight and full of volume.

Balance Reinforcing Reinforcing:


Shampoo 250ml: Anti-dandruff Shampoo, soothes itchiness. Leaves hair soft.





Exfoliate 150 ml: Eliminates sebum, dandruff and products out of the hair.


Refresh Spray 100 ml: Anti-Dandruff and Sebum-regulatory, for long lasting clean feeling.

Scalp Control


SHAMPOO 250ml:  Nourishing and repairing for damaged/dry hair. Detangles, leaves hair soft, shiny and with body.

Conditioner:  Lightweight conditioner that repairs hair.  For fine/normal hair that is dry/damaged.

Rich Treatment 200ml: Mask for thick or badly damaged hair. Deep repairing/nourishment.

VELVET 100ml: Eliminates fizz, leaving hair shiny with body.



 Shampoo 250ml: Cleanses scalp, leaves hair hydrated and soft.

Conditioner 250ml: For normal/Fine hair.  Hydrates hair leaving it soft and shiny without weighing it down.

Shine Light Oil 125ml:  Oil that adds shine to the hair and enhances colour gloss. Ultra-light texture that suits fine hair.

Oil Deep  Treatment 200 ml

Sublimis Oil


Shampoo  Colour Protect  250 ml.

 Intensive Treatment 200ml:  For thick/dry hair.  Deeply nourishes hair leaving it soft.  

. BI-Phase 150ml:  Spray that makes colour last longer.  Silk effect giving hair a glossy look.  Makes hair soft without weighing it down, with anti-frizz action.  Helps detangle and provides heat protection.


Colour Protection


Shampoo 250ml: Gives hair volume and body with anti-static effect.

 Conditioner 250ml:  Light treatment in gel form, no oils to weigh hair down.  Give hair volume and body

Spray: Volumes and shapes fine hair that gives hair body.



Shampoo 250ml:  For all hair types, deep cleansing leaves hair shiny and hydrated.

Conditioner 250ml:  For all hair types.  Restores hair leaving it easy to detangle and shiny.

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